Ari Up Dead at 48

Ari Up
Arianna Forster aka Ari Up, obituary from The Guardian here.

The Heretofore Unmentioned #125

Comet Gain
Comet Gain

G is for Gedney #30

Man dressed as Satan holding "Mark 4:15" sign hovers over two African-American boys seated at a folding table (1967)

Pickers #8

Ry Cooder

Adventures in the Official Culture #4

Today's Adventure

Original Caption:

Outlook Dim.

New York -- Metropolitan Opera Coloratura Soprano Roberta Peters stops at the Met's stage exit, apparently pondering the outcome of efforts to keep the Opera from closing for the season. The 78-year-old Metropolitan Opera Association announced August 7th that it had cancelled the 1961-1962 season because it cannot meet the wage demands of its orchestra. New York's Mayor Robert F. Wagner is considering action to prevent the cancellation. (1961)

The Executive Class #5

Dore Schary

When Legends Gather #611

Harry S. Truman and Jack Benny

F is for Frances McLaughlin-Gill #10

Woman hugs a tree while wearing chamois gloves (1949)

Annals of Crime #103

Original Caption:

Los Angeles -- Terrence P. "Terry" Melcher, 27-year-old son of actress Doris Day, attends the Los Angeles County Grand Jury probe into the Sharon Tate murder case. Miss Tate, an actress, and four other persons were murdered at the Tate home in August. Terry Melcher knew suspect Charles Manson. (1969)

The Art of the Panel: Marvel #27

from My Sister, My Enemy
(by Stan Lee, Don Heck and Frank Giacoia)
(My Love #4, March, 1970)

Welcome to Show Business! #38

Original Caption:

New York -- Looks as if Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II are singing the blues after the closing of their long-running show, "South Pacific," last night. Actually they are performing in an "audition" skit during a post-closing party at the Hotel Pierre. (1954)

Around the World with W. Robert Moore #6

Two women give food to a red and green macaw in a city garden (Brazil, 1944)

Treading the Boards #32

Brando, Celia Adler and Muni in A Flag is Born
Original caption:

September 3, 1946 - Actor Paul Muni (right) is on stage for the dress rehearsal of the new Ben Hecht play, "A Flag is Born," which opens September 5, at the Alvin Theater. Those who witnessed the rehearsal praised the stirring fact and fantasy chronicle of three refugees' flight from the terror of Europe toward Palestine. Paul Muni is cast as an ancient, dying wandering Jew, and Celia Adler (background), as his wife. At left is Marlon Brando.

Aftermath: U.S.A. #14

Original Caption:

New York -- Charles F. Murphy, the literary "clean up" man for an association of 28 Comic Book publishers, appears serious as he holds a press conference in his New York office. He sits before a huge illustration designed to show how the Comics Magazine Association of America has applied self-censorship after several attacks against the entire industry for allegedly promoting Juvenile Delinquency. He said that much of what might be considered objectionable material has been eliminated. Murphy told newsmen that his office has ordered changes in 5,656 drawings, rejected 126 Comic stories as unsuitable and barred six proposed advertisements, including one for a bull whip and another for a zip gun. A good part of his work is "educating artists to reduce feminine curves and to dress the girls more warmly," he said. (1954)

Weekend #5

Friends and Family #68

Original Caption:

Mickey Cohen Released.

Steilacoom -- Mickey Cohen, 41, attempts to close the door of the car taking him from McNeil Island Federal Penitentiary after his release. Man at right is unidentified. The former big time Los Angeles gambler was freed after serving a five year sentence, less 'good time,' for income tax evasion. (1955)

Twilight of the Dreamboats #40

The Bronx (1971)

Adventures in The Cold War #2

Today's Adventure

Original Caption:

Organization Calls for Repudiation of McCarthy.

Washington -- The 'Americans for Democratic Action' Organization held its closing session of a three-day meeting. Chairman James E. Doyle called on President Eisenhower to "repudiate" Senator Joseph McCarthy and "Reject his methods as political weapons". The group elected its new co-chairman, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. (1953)

Annals of Public Performance #28

Taking a break in the midst of his towering Grand Ole Opry debut, Jerry Lee Lewis moves over to let Del Wood show the Ryman Auditorium audience what a piano is for (1973)

The Cool Hall of Fame #200

Tony Conrad

Seminal Image #1015

An American in Paris
(Vincente Minnelli; 1951)

This Week's Weegee #78

Movie Directors and the Means of Production #11

Movie Director: Werner Herzog
Means: Camera, Tripod, Dwarfs, Microphone
Production: Auch Zwerge haben klein angefangen (Even Dwarfs Started Small; 1970)

The Future is Now #33

bio feedback
Original Caption:

Got a headache?...Relax as Joanna Spilman is doing while watching monitor of a biofeedback machine enabling her to see and hear tension levels in her body. The band around her head picks up the electrical nerve activity on the frontalis muscle (a band-like muscle running across the forehead). Electrical energy is measured with sensitive instruments then "feedback" to the feedback device so the person can see when his frontalis is relaxed or tense. With practice, he or she can learn the "feeling of relaxation" and promote the state at will.

Before the Age of Multiplexes #19

Coronet Theatre
The Coronet Theatre, London, England.

Action Now #16

Valerie Harper joins in protest
Original Caption:

Actress Valerie Harper holds up sign reading Women Against Pornography in front of a movie theater showing the 1972 pornographic film Deep Throat in Manhattan on May 31 1980. Harper starred in television's Rhoda series and joined a demonstration of women protesting the film.

We Are Six!

As Carl Sandburg continues his weekend-long search for the right metaphor, we here at If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger . . . celebrate our sixth anniversary in the blogosphere one day late, and on little cat feet.

In the Studio #63

Berry Gordy, Jr.

They Were Collaborators #672

Robert Towne, Jack Nicholson and Robert Evans

The Art of Jazz #124

Shearing Caravan
(The George Shearing Quintet)
(MGM Records; 1955)

Artists in Action #609

J.D. Salinger disguises himself as Mike Wallace

Before and After #237: Paul McCartney



Johnny Sheffield Dead at 79

Johnny Sheffield
Read the obituary in The Independent here.

The Gunslinger Guide to Natalie Wood #11

Aftermath: Japan #12

Original Caption:

The Edge is Off.

Tokyo -- Soldiers in Japan's new Defense Army participate in bayonet exercises, sans bayonets, at Nerima Infantry Camp on the outskirts of Tokyo. These Japanese GIs are dressed in U.S. Army-style fatigues and are equipped with American-made M-1 rifles. While the trainees look war-like, they apparently lack a fighting spirit in peacetime. Says the infantry camp commander: "We have taken the outside of the U.S. Army, but we don't have the inside morale." (1955)

The Art of Mai, 1968 #12

Fun at Bohemian Grove #47

Bohemians fail to attend (1926)

Watts! #16

This Sporting Life #27

Jackie Coogan plays Bill Tilden in table tennis
Tweener Jackie Coogan takes on Wimbledon champ Bill Tilden in a game of table tennis.

They Were Collaborators #671*

Blatty, Blair and O'Malley
William Peter Blatty, Linda Blair and Father William O'Malley.

*If only I'd been a little quicker on the draw this could've been
"They Were Collaborators #666."

Before and After #236: The Monkees

the monkees before

the monkees after

The Art of the Panel: Archie #17

from Tough Competition!
(Artists Unknown)
(Life With Archie #20; May, 1963)

The Art of the Close-Up #8
The Gunslinger Guide to James Wong Howe #3

The Baron of Arizona
(Samuel Fuller; 1950)

True Tales from the Bicentennial Year #6

Original Caption:

Landing -- Father Thomas Trepasso explains to Joseph and Julia Quinlan the Mass that he will hold in honor of the couple's daughter, Karen Ann, whose birthday is March 29th. Karen Ann Quinlan has been kept alive by an artificial respirator for almost one year now. The desicion on the fate of the 22-year-old comatose woman is now in the hands of the New Jersey State Supreme Court. (1976)

Broadcasters #84

Mike Wallace

The Art of the Centerfold #58

Susan Denberg (Miss August, 1966)

Artists in Action #608

Bela Lugosi with wife and son
Bela Lugosi takes a break from filming Son of Frankenstein to greet his wife and utterly confuse his son, Bela Lugosi, Jr.

The Gunslinger Guide to Jean Seberg #6