And Then It Was Ephemera #88

Rick Wilder (Mau-Mau's) at right

They Were Collaborators #843

Run & Mike D

the lost highway #5

Happy Wilson's Golden River Boys

Bobby: Scenes from a Life #12

Bobby lulls his niece to sleep by explaining the Luzhin Defense

This Week's Weegee #99

The Gunslinger Guide to Stanley Kubrick #3

Twilight of the Dreamboats #79

Welcome to Show Business! #68

Original Caption:

Los Angeles -- Showing the strain, actress Lana Turner appears on the verge of collapse as she testifies at the inquest into the death of Johnny Stompanato, her gangland boyfriend, here. Deliberating less than half an hour, the coroner's jury ruled that Stompanato's death, at the hands of Cheryl Crane, Lana's 14-year-old daughter, was "justifiable homicide." (1958)

The Art of Baseball #8

Babe Ruth by Raymond Pettibon

When Legends Gather #812

Johnny Winter, Rick Derringer, Edgar Winter, Andy Warhol, Ted Nugent, and Truman Capote

artifacts #45

Are we not men?

They Were Collaborators #842

Michael Jackson and Martin Scorsese 

things that scared me as a child #9

The Child Catcher
(Robert Helpmann in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)

The Art of Travel #40

Jane F. #3

Jesters of the Republic #56

Totie Fields

The Present Day Composer #87

Theodor Adorno (1903-1969)

The Art of Cinema #563

Tea and Sympathy
(Vincente Minnelli; 1956)

And We Will Never Know Their Names #4

Girls playing in Harlem, circa 1925.

And We Will Never Know Their Names #3

Track workers, Paris, 1911.

the art of the panel: charlton #4

Watch the Skies! #9

Original Caption:

Portsmouth -- Barney and Betty Hill, who claim to have been abducted by aliens, hold a book written about their experience (1967)

In the Studio #137

Etta James

Broadcasters #103

Dewey Philips

The Art of Jazz #143

Root Down: Jimmy Smith Live!
(Verve Records; 1972)

Mop Tops in Action #94

Paul takes aim with his eyes closed

artists in action #816

Big Mama Thornton drums

Radio Free Gunslinger #57: A Healthy Integration

Your host for this edition of Radio Free Gunslinger is George Shearing

It is entitled A Healthy Integration

The Content

First Sequence:
Bobby Womack - Bouquet of Roses
Etta James - Almost Persuaded
Junior Parker - Walking the Floor Over You
Candy Staton - Stand By Your Man
Lou Johnson - She Thinks I Still Care

Second Sequence:
Les Baxter & His Orchestra - Acapulco
Ray Anthony & His Orchestra - Samba de Orfeu
Jackie Davis - Mañana (Is Soon Enough for Me)
Walter Wanderley - Que Sabe Você De Mim
Don Swan - Tico Tico

Third Sequence:
The Supremes - I'm the Greatest Star
The Temptations - Try to Remember
The Miracles - Speak Low
The Four Tops - Maria
Marvin Gaye - Love for Sale

Fourth Sequence:
Leon Payne - Lost Highway
Eddie Noack - Psycho
Jim Reeves - Blue Side of Lonesome
Freakwater - Selfishness in Man
Elliott Smith - They'll Never Take Her Love from Me (live)

Cal Tjader - Manteca

annals of public performance #70

Iggy (1968)

Behind the Scenes #35, When Legends Gather #811

Ronnie Spector, Dee Dee Sharp, Cassius Clay, Dionne Warwick, and Stevie Wonder backstage at The Apollo (1963)

julie harris dies at 87

Julie Harris in The Member of the Wedding
BBC Obit here

shutterbug friday #19: janette beckman

The Islington Twins

Ska Girls

The Nips

LL Cool J

El Hoyo Maravilla

El Hoyo Maravilla